Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of “Saving IND?”

 The goal of Saving IND is to keep the Institute of Notre Dame (IND) open so that generations of young women to come can continue to receive an IND education.  


How will you accomplish your goal of keeping IND open?

Our strategic plan will be unveiled shortly. Overall, our plan is two-fold: 1) use IND’s many strengths to address the challenges that led to the announcement of IND’s closure on May 5, 2020, and 2) raise funds to meet the financial requirements of building a sustainable future for IND.


Our plans, soon to be announced, are progressive and strategic. The members of Saving IND, Inc. bring a vast array of skills and connections which are helping us to strategize and meaningfully discuss actions to save our beloved institution.


Knowing that IND’s alumnae and many dedicated supporters are some of her greatest assets, we will be soliciting feedback as part of the strategic planning process and will post the resultant, comprehensive plan on our website. 


How is the Saving IND group different from other groups which have formed in reaction to IND’s closing?

Our group, Saving IND, Inc., is focused on the preservation of IND as an open, thriving high school serving young women from Baltimore and the surrounding areas. Other groups are focused on safeguarding the building itself as a historical structure,  while others are focused on providing support to the students who were attending IND when the closure was announced.


Do the actions of Saving IND counteract the actions of the IND Alumnae Association (INDAA)?  

No, it is not at all the intent of Saving IND, Inc. to act in opposition to the INDAA. In contrast, it is our goal to ensure more alumnae! We welcome the support of all of IND’s alumnae.


Where do you envision the location of IND to be? 

Ideally, we’d like IND to continue operating at 901 Aisquith Street, where it has served the East Baltimore community since 1847. However, if that option is not viable, we are not opposed to pursuing a new home for IND for the next 173 years and beyond. No definitive plans are yet in place, and we recognize the need to be open to a variety of options to create a sustainable future for IND.


I’d like to sign the Saving IND petition. What will my name be used for? 

By signing the petition, you are showing that you support the value of an IND education and feel that the pursuit of keeping IND open is a worthwhile endeavor. Your signature does not constitute an obligation of any kind, including but not limited to volunteering or pledging money.


If you wish to sign but remain anonymous, deselect the check box next to the statement, “Show my name in the online signature list.”


Why should I sign the petition? 

By signing the petition, you show that there is interest and support in saving IND.  By signing the petition, you are helping our group maximize efforts in continuing IND’s unique education to generations of young women.


Should I donate money on the petition website? 

If you would like to make a monetary donation to Saving IND, Inc., do not submit your donation through the petition website. Those funds are used by the petition platform to operate the petition website. They will not be received by Saving IND, Inc.


How much money does IND need to stay open? 

According to the announcement made by the School Sisters of Notre Dame on May 5, 2020, the school building requires $5 million in repairs to remain operational, and an additional $34 million to make it a state-of-the-art facility.


We are working to understand the sources of these estimates, and how much will truly be needed to keep IND operational. If a new location is chosen, these amounts will no longer be applicable.


I’m ready to help! Can I make a donation now? 

Great! We are a registered 501(c)(3). As a charitable organization we are able to accept tax deductible donations. Visit to make a donation through PayPal. We welcome donations of any amount!


If I make a donation, what will it be used for? 

There will be a number of expenses associated with the undertaking to save IND. Your pledge may be used for building improvements and repairs, acquisition of a new building, legal fees, marketing, or any number of expenses associated with successfully Saving IND.


Are pledges/donation the only way to help, or can I help in another way? 

We welcome any and all help! Please visit our How to Help page and complete the form to submit your information. We’d love to know how you’re interested in supporting our cause, so please share any information (including skillsets) that may be helpful. Thank you!